Leopard Jasper (or “Leopardskin” Jasper) is the crystal of animal instinct. As a grounding stone, this Jasper brings us back to basics and helps activate primal and survival instincts to focus on improving our well-being. It brings insight into things we need and attracts those necessities into your life. Because of its association with large cats, it teaches us patience and good timing. Leopard Jasper can also bring forth traits, properties, behaviors or talents to full potential.

Leopard Jasper can also help eliminate toxins and helps clean skin. It can aid in healing several skin conditions, including acne.
This stone is also great at relieving us from past emotional trauma or mental conditions. It allows us to let go of the past and the pain associated with it.

Leopard Jasper is also said to be a great aid for children to help overcome any fear of animals.

Cleansing: Earth, Place near purring cat
Spirit: Cat, Leopard
Oils or Incense: Catnip
Planets: Pluto
Day of the week: Wednesday-Saturday