Labradorite is a stone that awakens your inner warrior. Legend has it that the stone was pierced by an ancient warrior’s sword and released rays of the Arora Borealis. Labradorite has been found in Canada, Australia, Finland, Sicily, Norway and the Ukraine.

Its reflective “labradorescence” effect is said to shield and protect the wearer’s aura. It nurtures our soul and protects us against negativity and darkness.

This stone aids in Independent thinking. It helps us focus and question our own thoughts and feelings, instead of relying on others and their influences.

Labradorite enhances creativity by helping us feel inspired. It helps create new ideas and opportunities.

Labradorite also encourages us to start our own adventures and live the life that’s right for us.

Cleansing: Moon
Spirit: Crow, Raven
Oils or Incense: Juniper
Planets: Arora Borealis, Uranus, Arcturus Star