Hematite (Iron Ore), first found in Africa, is a common, brittle mineral with high iron content. It is known as “the stone that bleeds” because when struck or scratched, it reveals red marks. It is said that samples of Hematite have been found on the surface of Mars.

It is an energizing and empowering stone, physically and spiritually. Because of its strength, Native Americans used Hematite powder in war paint, worn to make them invincible in battle.

As a grounding stone, Hematite is best at bringing awareness to current states and protects against harm. A crystal of logic, keeps you focused on basics, facts and helps us work toward important goals.

Hematite helps boost self-esteem and helps protect against oversensitivity in romantic relationships.

Hematite can aid in physical healing, such as reducing pain and inflammation. Because this stone is related to blood, it is great for supporting blood and circulatory systems. Magnetized hematite is best for aiding in severe arthritis.

Cleansing: Fire

Spirit: Aardvark

Oils or Incense: Fennel

Planets: Mars

Day of the week: Tuesday