Aventurine is a common type of quartz, traditionally used for healing. Tibetans traditionally used it for improving eye sight and perception. It can be found in a green color, which is created from its Green Mica. The blue color is from Rutile or Crocidolite and the red-brown color from Pyrite or Goethite.

As a popular healing stone, its energies are excellent for calming and stabilizing emotions. Blue Aventurine is particularly good at increasing tranquility.

Green Aventurine has been one of the best at balancing the heart chakra, allowing for emotional growth. It allows us to be thankful and gracious for what we have in our life. It helps give us a positive outlook on life and for our future. Green Aventurine is known as a “stone of luck”. It can help us see opportunities and encourage us to take those opportunities. It has also been linked to money and financial prosperity.

Red-brown colored Aventurine has energy that creates relaxation and brings happiness into our lives.

Aventurine is also known to be a crystal of inspiration, innovation and creativity. It helps us think of new ideas and implement them into projects and start fresh new beginnings. It helps us realize our skills and limitless potential. It has also been known to help us focus and can even improve our handwriting.

One of the other common uses for Aventurine is for its fertility energies. Not only can it help for human fertility, but also for plants and vegetation. It helps with plant growth and new beginnings.

Cleansing: Air

Spirit: Ibis (bird of wisdom)

Oils or Incense: Hazel, Ash