Soft Tape Measure
Soft Tape Measure

It is important to measure yourself before purchasing any piece of jewelry. To make sure each piece fits, there is a size in each product description.

Jewelry Sizes

Necklaces are measured unclasped, end to end. The same is done for bracelets and anklets. Earring length is measured from the ear hole (point at which the earring enters the ear) to the bottom end of the piece.

Measuring Yourself

The easiest way to measure yourself for jewelry is to take a soft tape measure and wrap it around your wrist, anklet or neck. Make sure you give about an extra half inch to make sure your jewelry won’t be too tight. For necklaces, drape the tape measure around your neck and loosen it to the desired length. For anklets, make sure you bend your foot in every direction and make sure it isn’t too tight to prevent breakage. For earrings, measure from the ear hole to the desired length.

hypoallergenic-stickerSensitive skin?

No problem. Many of my pieces are hypoallergenic and nickel free. Just look for the purple dot with a check mark on the bottom right. These make finding the perfect piece easier while browsing through over 490 products!

Shop my hypoallergenic/nickel free catalog section on my website.

Other Accessories

My pillows are 100% hand-sewn. I do not use machines because 1. I don’t have one, and 2. When I did use one, I didn’t feel the same personal connection with my piece as I do when I use my own hands. This is probably just a personal preference.

If you have any questions, please contact me.