Cleaning TipsHere are a few tips to keep your jewelry looking its best…


1. Try to avoid contact with water, lotion, perfume, hair spray, deodorant, or other harsh chemicals.


2. Remove all jewelry before sleeping, showering, swimming in a pool or the ocean, and doing any sweaty activities.


3. When not in use, keep your jewelry in a jewelry box or pouch, in a cool and dry place, and separately (to avoid scratching).


4. If cleaning is necessary, use a mild detergent or spray with Windex, rinse with water and gently wipe until dry with a soft cloth. Avoid strong silver or jewelry cleaners, as they have harsh chemicals that will ruin most materials.


5. Jewelry should be put on last and taken off first while dressing.


6. Try to only wear your jewelry on special occasions or alternate with a couple different designs. Wearing the same piece of jewelry everyday will cut it’s lifespan in half.