Love – Passion – Abundance – Forgiveness

Tourmaline can be a stimulating or calming crystal depending on the saturation of color.  It allows you to become more compassionate and caring to yourself and to others.

Tourmaline can help us open ourselves up to accept more love in our lives and reminds us that love is limitless and abundant. It encourages us to give and receive all love.

This crystal is known for its benefits in passionate love and changing one’s love life. It allows us to change ourselves and love ourselves more, allowing us to pass on those changes and love to others and even seek out a soul mate.

Tourmaline allows for nurturing and healing relationships as well. It helps us in new places when we are shy and growing new relationships.

It can help us love our lives more and reminds us of the benefits of what life is about. Sometimes in our busy lives we need to stop and smell the roses occasionally. Tourmaline awakens the simple pleasures, helps us find new pleasures and allows us to enjoy them.

Tourmaline is also great for forgiveness. When we carry a grudge against someone, it can help us to let go and forgive those who have done wrong us.

Also, Tourmaline is a good crystal to help us relax and it even intensifies our sense of smell.

Chakra: Heart