Courage – Fear – Motivation – Confidence – Social Anxiety

Tiger’s Eye is a well-loved, beautiful stone from the quartz family. It gets its name from the resemblance of a tiger’s golden eye when cut or polished. When light reflects off its tightly banded brown and gold fibers, it seems to move and change. Rounded Tiger’s Eye stones are more commonly used in jewelry because its carved shape allows for maximum reflectivity. It is most commonly found in a golden-brown color but can also be found in a red (Dragon’s Eye) and blue (Falcon’s Eye) coloring.

Tiger’s eye is a great stone for diverting unwanted energies by creating confusion as a defense. It is commonly used for protection for either yourself or for others who need it.

Tiger’s Eye is a soothing stone, both physically and mentally. It helps release us in congested or sticky situations and encourages us to move forward towards our goals. As the “crystal of success”, it inspires and builds power and confidence within us. It also encourages sociability with others by uplifting our spirit.

This stone is also known for attracting desired romantic relationships.

Tiger’s Eye can aid in regulation of the digestive system, especially helping the gull bladder and with ulcers.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Explorer Bracelet with Picture Jasper and Tiger's Eye
Explorer Bracelet with Picture Jasper and Tiger’s Eye

Explorer Bracelet with Picture Jasper and Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye and Picture Jasper beads with a handmade tassel and compass charm on an elastic bracelet.