Logic – Communication – Focus – Stress – Anxiety – Trust

Sodalite is primarily found in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Greenland.

It enhances rational and logical thinking, eases confusion and brings stability and structure into our life, making this stone great to have while you are studying.

Sodalite is a perfect stone for group or community gatherings. It improves communication with others. It encourages fellowship, companionship, honesty, trust, dependence and reliance.

Sodalite encourages all levels of calmness and contentment. It is a good stone for calming emotions and overwhelming stress. It can even ease the fear and stress of flying. This stone is excellent for calming those with ADD and ADHD. It helps wit focus, by clarifying and channeling the mind. Sodalite is great for the elderly, as it allows for mental control when fearful of major life changes.

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye