Harmony – Love – Forgiveness – Self-esteem – Youth – Beauty

Rose Quartz is the crystal of nurturing and harmonious love. It gives off a gentle, nurturing energy that is ever-flowing. It allows us to open our hearts and send love and receive love, balancing the give and take. Rose Quartz also helps us to find and realize the love from those that we already have around us.

Friend and family relationships can also benefit from Rose Quartz, especially those in long distances. It can help the heart feel close to those whom you love.

Rose Quartz is a crystal of Forgiveness. It lowers expectations a little to be more openminded and forgiving towards others and towards yourself. It helps with self-esteem. When you can love yourself, you can then open your heart to others.

Due to an ancient myth, Rose Quartz is said to also be a stone of beauty. When gently placed or rubbed against the skin, it can help bring a more youthful appearance and is even said to help with wrinkles.

Chakra: Heart