Harmony – Balance – Change – Positivity – Goals

Named after the Greek word for rose (‘rhodon’), Rhodonite is found in a pink or salmon color with black or brown impurities. Most Rhodonite is found within metamorphic rocks.

Rhodonite is the crystal of harmonious expectations. It is generally used to bring harmony and balance within all types of relationships. It helps with communication and mutual understanding.

For single individuals, Rhodonite can help with lowering dating expectations to a realistic level, allowing us to be more accepting and open-hearted. It can also encourage sympathetic feelings.

Rhodonite is also a great stone to have when working out trouble within a relationship. It helps ground our expectations and come to a common sense of agreement.

Also, when it’s time to move on, Rhodonite can also aid in the healing process after a breakup. It allows us to see a more realistic view and learn lessons from being in that relationship. It helps enable us to move on to new relationships.

Rhodonite is great to have when working or living with others, especially from different backgrounds, allowing us to achieve balance and common ground between each other.

It supports us during unforeseen transformation and changes by driving emotions toward goals. It can also drive positive thoughts and help us avoid confusion and anxiety.

Chakra: Heart

Pink Rhodonite and Black Lava Rock Lotus Flower Stretch Charm Bracelet

Six polished round 8mm pink Rhodonite beads are accented with nickel free silver plated spacers, surrounding a silver rhodium Lotus flower charm. This relaxing elastic/stretch bracelet is grounded with seventeen sound 8mm black Lava Rock beads.