Protection – Grounding – Balance – Love – Passion – Healing

A complex mixture of minerals, Garnet is most commonly found in a deep red color. Its red color has always been associated with the color of blood, which symbolizes strength, stimulation, success, fertility and warmth. Garnet has also been known as the “warrior stone”, as it helps us fight battles in our everyday lives.

Red Garnet is a protecting base or grounding stone. It can help us when we feel insecure or vulnerable. As an integrity stone, it allows us to remain grounded and steady, when we feel provoked or bullied. It gives us self-respect and encourages us to follow through with what we believe to be the right path.

Historic warriors and soldiers placed Red Garnet in their battle shields, not only for protection, but also for quick healing if they got injured. Garnet is helpful for speeding up healing processes. It fires up the immune system, making this stone great to have when injured or sick.  Its extreme energizing properties bring a warm energy that combats cold, damp or sluggish diseases as well.

Chakra: Root, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral