Protection – Truth – Logic – Cleansing – Anxiety – Depression

Pyrite, having a sought-after sheen and interesting cubic crystals, is popularly known as “fool’s gold”. So common, in fact, that this mineral is found in all types of rock connected with water. Most Pyrite is found in Spain and has been used as a tool in ancient times for creating fire. Its surface will spark when struck properly, making it a great fire starter. It is a brittle stone, so try to keep it away from other harder stones.

Pyrite is known to have a strong connection to the sun, as it reflects golden rays from its shiny surfaces. These rays help protect us from all forms of dark energies.

The mirror-like surfaces also reveal truths. It encourages logical thinking and brings us to a solid ground of reality.

Pyrite helps to cleanse our bodies. It can relieve anxiety, lift depression and ease frustrations.

Chakra: All, Solar Plexus