Nature – Growth – Nutrition – Progress – Optimism

Moss Agate is a translucent green version of Quartz. This stone represents everything plants, vegetation, gardening and farming. It draws its strength and power from the earth and nature around it.

Moss Agate has the highest concentrated energy of nature. It allows us to connect on a deep level with nature and natural aspects of life. Known as “the gardener’s stone” it can help us communicate with our plants and understand what they need to help them grow and flourish. It can also aid in choosing the right organic foods to eat that will help our bodies get the right nutrition.

A crystal of new beginnings, Moss Agate symbolizes progress and stability. Its energies can help us realize our highest potential and increases optimism. It can help with new relationships and has also been known to aid in the birthing process for new mothers. It helps make things move smoothly and slowly progress forward.

Moss Agate is great for relaxation and relieving tight, congested areas of the body. It helps release emotions that have been built up and kept in the dark. It can aid in blood circulation as well.

Chakra: Heart, Crown

Green Agate Tassel Earrings
Green Agate Tassel Earrings

Green Agate Tassel Earrings

Made with smooth round and transparent 8mm green Moss Agate beads, silver plated spacer beads and handmade tassels.