Love – Attraction – Cleansing – Emotions – Trauma

Morganite is a rare variety of beryl that gets its pink color from the lithium, manganese or cesium within it. Other minerals can change the color to light green or blue.

Morganite is a great stone for self-worth and self-identity. It encourages clarity, peace and optimism. It can make you feel loved and joyous. This stone can also help with major life changes, by stabilizing and helping us deal with big change.

Morganite also helps heal relationship difficulties by making sure both people are giving and taking evenly. It encourages cooperation on both sides.

It can protect by dissolving aggression, rids boundaries and encourages tolerance among large groups of people.

It can help rid of emotional troubles and painful memories. It is a great stone for help with emotional blocks and working through emotional trauma and loss.

Chakra: Heart