Communication – Truth – Integrity

Lapis Lazuli is a power stone. A favorite of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, it represents Leadership and independence. This unique stone is made of three crystals: blue Lazurite (intuition), white Calcite (clarity and focus) and Pyrite (information comprehension and courage). In some cases, Lapis can also have small amounts of Sodalite within it.

Lapis Lazuli helps us obtain wisdom and guidance and helps us use these to our advantage.

Lapis Lazuli can aid with both spiritual and physical vision. It can help us see visions of the future in dreams and meditations. It can bring guidance for moving forward. Using Lapis Lazuli can also aid in physical health of our eyes and our vision.

This stone is also associated with honesty, truthfulness, balance and justice. It encourages us to speak the truth and encourages authenticity with those around us. It also removes our fear of being dishonest

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye