Healing – Balance – Tranquility – Love – Prosperity – Luck

Jade naturally comes in two different varieties: Nephrite and Jadeite. Nephrite is much harder to break than Jadeite. Jadeite has more granules within the stone, making it weaker. Jade has been a very important gemstone for a widespread range of cultures. Because of this, Jade is said to have very ancient uses. Jade can be found in a variety of green tones, from the darkest to the lightest. It has also been found in other colors, such as a blueish tone found in California.

Jade is mostly known for its healing and balancing abilities. Because of its deep relaxing abilities, it can help us recover and heal much quicker. It brings harmony and tranquility into our lives. It can help us sleep better with more vivid dreams at night.

A heart chakra stone, it can help improve our relationships with others and help us open our heart to receive friendship, love and affection. It helps to give us a sense of belonging and self-esteem. It encourages proper action and etiquette and it can also encourage us to open up and give friendship or love out to others. Jade that is carved into a butterfly is a Chinese tradition made to wear and attract love.

Jade is a stone known for longevity, prosperity and abundance. It is a giving and receiving stone, where it helps us to give more and, in return, we will receive more. Jade is also a great crystal for luck.

Because of its history, Jade has always been a popular stone for communicating with ancestral spirits and protection of the dead. It is said that when buried with the dead, Jade can change to a brownish color.

Chakra: Heart

Pink and Green Jade Earrings in Gold
Pink and Green Jade Earrings in Gold

Pink and Green Jade Earrings in Gold

Four 5mm faceted pink Jade beads above two large smooth round dark green 10mm Jade beads with decorative ornate gold plated bead caps in between, dangle on hypoallergenic/nickel free gold plated fish hook earrings.