Structure – Focus – Goals

Fluorite has been an important piece in the industrial world. It is used to make glass, steel and used in many other productions. Fluorite is generally found in the UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

This unique crystal grows in cubic forms, representing structure, common sense and logic. It is a great crystal that helps bring your mind down from the clouds and get your thoughts and life back to order. It encourages us to be organized, be decisive and focuses us on moving in the right direction. By keeping us coordinated and focused, it calms us down in chaotic situations. Fluorite also uplifts and encourages us to work toward our goals or purpose.

Fluorite is a very effective stone for studying, as it helps with memory as well. It inspires and encourages innovation and creativity.

It can also help ease pain in the body, including headaches and arthritis. It supports bone tissue and all organs of the body.

Chakra: Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown