Abundance – Confidence – Joy – Prosperity – Self-esteem – Power

An uncommon version of quartz, fine Citrine is best found in Brazil, France, Russia and Spain. It is a result of quartz crystals intermingling with iron. Most of the Citrine found today, however, is a common quartz amethyst that turns a golden-brown color when heated. Natural Citrine is more muted in color. Both have the same qualities; however, heated Citrine’s color is more vibrant and is more electric in its energies.

Citrine is a crystal of movement and activity. It stimulates and uplifts the mind and body and provides energy and empowerment. It boosts confidence as well. Citrine encourages happiness and content. It helps us let go of small things that are holding us back and enjoy life.

Citrine promotes prosperity and abundance, enhances creativity, transforms negative energy to positive, encourages generosity, and protects against self-destructive tendencies.

In terms of medical health, Citrine can help with stomach aches and digestive problems.

Chakra: Solar Plexus