Insecurity – Abuse – Addiction – Courage – Empowerment – Goals – Motivation – Self-control

Well known for its healing powers, Carnelian is often found in India, Brazil, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay. It has been a popular inset on amulets, rings, and seals because of its protection from harm and its empowering energies.

Carnelian is most commonly known as the “fertility crystal”, by revealing courage and confidence within one’s self to obtain what’s desired. It helps keep focus and enthusiasm to follow through to reach goals. It is also a stone that helps bring passion and love into our lives.

Carnelian can help release stress and trauma. It promotes security and safety, amplifies energy, willpower and determination, it aids in overcoming abuse or trauma, and increases vitality. It can help repair and heal the human body, or at least speed up the healing process.

Carnelian is also known to enhance creativity, release guilt and help us enjoy our daily lives.

Chakra: Sacral, Root