Communication – Confidence – Expression – Hearing – Interpretation – Understanding

Also known as ‘Peruvian Blue Opal’, this stone is said to be an ancient gift from an Incan goddess of Mother Earth.

Andean Opal is best for stimulating the underactive throat chakra.  Worn near the throat or heart, it allows us to speak clearly and understandably. It enhances communication by allowing us to put aside our nervousness, verbally share our thoughts and express ideas – perfect for classrooms and meeting places.

This stone is also known for its ability to aid with hearing. It enhances our ability to hear what people are saying, as well as interpret meanings. (These can also be spiritual messages.)

Andean Opal is also used to manifest life changes. It allows us to let go of the past and move forward into the future.

Opal also works well to sooth emotions, as well as ease relationship difficulties.

Chakra: Throat