Most of my newest jewelry designs feature natural elements, like gemstones, crystals, shell and wood. I believe that nature plays such an important role in our existence. I look at the crazy, busy, city-oriented lifestyle in America and around the world and can’t help but notice our lack of nature in our lives. By wearing pieces of nature, we are not only constantly reminded of the beauty of nature, but we absorb its energies, ultimately, making our daily lives more enjoyable.


Jewelry is not just an accent to an outfit. It is a statement piece that shows your unique style and personality. It’s a form of communication. Wearing the right piece can boost self-esteem and give us the confidence to win at life. Love what you wear. Love yourself.


Engage with nature, be confident, love and always be yourself. Be inspired, but don’t ever let anyone else change who you are. My jewelry is unique and most are one-of-a-kind. That’s what makes each piece special and valuable. The same applies to life. Be unique.


A little about me and what I do…

I am a creative entrepreneur with a degree in visual arts and science. I love to work with my hands and create something, not only visually pleasing, but also functional. Throughout high school and college, I really enjoyed math and computer science. Computer programming and website development allowed me to create visually appealing solutions through logic and problem solving. What I enjoy most about what I do is the feeling of accomplishment when I have helped a client find a solution to their needs.

Before and during college, I have spent my time learning about business and marketing through smaller companies, helping them with their digital graphics, marketing and online presence. While digital graphics was my pursuit for many years, it left a gap. I was missing that connection and feeling I got when I crafted with my hands, so I started to search for a new direction.

To obtain my early college goals, I had to take various art courses which introduced me to different art styles and materials. One of those courses was jewelry-making. This class opened my eyes to endless possibilities for visual function and taught me how jewelry is much more than just something you wear. This inspired me and has become more than just a side hobby, but a passion. I realized that I can combine my experience and knowledge of online marketing and retail merchandising to create an online shop, where I can share my designs with others.

I’ve had many jobs, from office work to physical retail, sales and management. I have been working for five years, on the side, as a department head, merchandiser and part-time custom framer for a large home décor and craft solutions company. One year ago, I climbed into an assistant manager position. Being a bit of a perfectionist and detail oriented individual, my visual input has not gone unnoticed.

-Karen ‘Zashi’