3/2/13 “Crimp Away”

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The Challenge:

“String Up a Beautiful Necklace or Bracelet and Crimp Away”

I took this quite literally today and decided to use up most of my gold crimp beads/tubes. I have wanted to make a crimp necklace with beading wire for a while now. Here was my chance.

Getting Started:

Since I knew I wanted to use gold plated crimp beads and findings, I already know I will use “Sundial” gold once again. For this necklace I chose to use a simple lobster claw clasp (my personal favorite).


Next, I chose one of my small 4mm Swarovski crystal colors: Lavender, which matched “Concealed” purple on my color chart. I noticed that I chose two of the same colors as I did for yesterday’s challenge, so I quickly started picking new colors. I chose 6mm Pink Quartz simulated stone beads for “Cactus Pink” and 6mm Tan glass pearls for “Timeless”.


Cactus Flower


In addition to these I brought out what was left of my gold bead stringing wire. (I used up the last of it with this project, along with 2/3 of my gold crimp tubes.)

Putting the Pieces Together:

First, I cut a long strand of beading wire to the appropriate length by measuring it around my own neck. Then I cut a second wire an inch longer than the first. For a double-strand necklace, different sized lengths of string will create different levels when worn, showing a framed look.  Holding both of my strings together, I attached my lobster claw with a crimp bead.

After cutting off the excess wire, I crimped a bead about an inch from the clasp on one of the wires. I added a bead and another crimp to hold the bead in place. Then I continued adding crimps and beads, all an inch apart, until I reached the end of the wire.

Once I finished the first wire, I did the same thing to the second wire. Although, this time, I started about a half inch from the clasp to give the beads a staggered look.

Once I got all of my crimp beads to cooperate with me, I finished the second wire. I brought the two ends together and attached the clasp end with, yet again, another crimp bead. I trimmed the extra wire and I was done.

Here is the finished necklace.

I had more beads and a short strand of gold wire leftover. The directions said “necklace or bracelet”, so I decided to make a matching bracelet too. In the bracelet, the crimp beads act as regular beads without any crimping, except to attach the clasp. The beads will stay in place, so there’s no need to crimp.

This was fun and pretty, but not quite challenging enough for me. I know the challenges will get more complicated as each day goes by. This was also a lot of crimping. Part of me hopes that tomorrow’s challenge won’t require any. I’m a little crimped out today. I’m also very low on crimp beads now.