3/1/13 “Make a Pair of Earrings”

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Yippy! It’s Friday, March 1st! This is the first day of my 30 Day Bead Challenge for the month of March (created by FusionBeads.com). I am challenged by making one jewelry project each day with the guidelines provided. I will share my process and the finished pieces here in my blog.

The Challenge:
“Make a Pair of Earrings”

I was so excited to get started with these daily challenges that I completed today’s challenge plus two additional pieces by noon today. With lack of an internet connection this morning, I had some extra time to spare.

For this project I wanted to make a really elegant pair of earrings with a pop of color for a little flirty fun. I wanted to keep them simple because I’m drawn to more minimalist designs.  I believe that certain materials, colors, textures and other details are emphasized when left “as is”, without any distractions. Simple, long, dangle drop fish hook earrings with chains were perfect for today’s project.

Getting Started:

I always choose my color schemes with my color guides. I get charts from my bead suppliers and online that provide me with the “in style” colors for each season. These really help me decide on what colors to use in new projects. I also know that fashion designers use these colors for seasonal apparel, so I can match my jewelry designs with the trends in the current market. If you are a beader, designer or artist, I highly recommend using these for color inspiration.

Spring/Summer 2013 Color Trends

First, I pick one color on the chart that speaks to me and find beads that match or are close to it. Then I choose another color that will complement it, find beads in that color and so on. Usually I try to pick beads that have different sizes and textures to give the piece some depth.

Today I picked “Saguaro” green (frosted and transparent) 6mm faceted acrylic beads, and complemented it with smooth “Concealed” purple 6mm glass pearls. To make these earrings pop, I added bright “8 Bit Magma” orange (same type and size as the green). Because I have 3 different textures (transparent, frosted and smooth), I didn’t feel the need to change any sizes of the beads.



8 Bit Magma

The last color I needed was for the findings. I always consider the findings (clasp, ear wires, spacers, crimp beads, chain, etc.) as a playing color in my color scheme. Since the orange and green are warm colors, my choice was easy. I needed to keep it warm, so I got out my “Sundial” gold chain and findings. (Notice all the colors I chose are on my Spring/Summer 2013 color chart.)


For this project, I used gold plated brass small link chain, headpins and ball fish hook ear wires.


Putting the Pieces Together:

I divided my chain into two 2.5”, two 1.5” and two 1” strands – one for each earring. (In design, grouping in three’s makes for a more interesting composition.) Then I attached them to my ear wires.

2.5" Gold Plated Chain

1.5" Gold Plated Chain

1" Gold Plated Chain

Chains Attached to Gold Plated Fish Hook Earrings

Next, I started adding beads to my headpins.

Bead With Eyepin

Beads On Eyepins

Once I finished all the beads, I attached them to the chains, starting with the purple pearls. Distributing darker colors first grounds my design and gives it balance. Then I followed with the green and finished with the brightest color, making sure that the beads on each earring were in the same links.

Earrings with Purple Beads

Earrings with Green Beads

Finished Earrings With All Beads

The finished earrings are simple, but stunning! Because my longest link was 2.5” in length, the addition of the bottom bead and the ear wire put these earrings at exactly 4” long.

I love how these turned out and I’m very excited to find out what I will be making tomorrow.
Bring it on! 🙂

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